TransPass™ COS/293 Transfection Reagent

  • Catalog # M2557 was discontinued on January 01, 2013
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    The TransPass™ COS/293 Transfection Reagent is TransPass™ D2 Transfection Reagent, a non-lipid cationic polymer, tested for the transfection of plasmid DNA into COS and HEK293 cell lines in a serum-compatible protocol. Complex co-transfections of many plasmids can be efficiently transfected using the TransPass COS/293 Transfection Reagent.

    Figure 1:
    COS-7 cells grown and transfected on a slide coverslip with GFP-expressing plasmid and 2 µl TransPass COS/293 Transfection Reagent in 6-well plate format. Data shown is 24 hr post-transfection (Pradhan et al., unpublished results).
    Figure 2:
    Titration of TransPass COS/293 Transfection Reagent in HEK293 cells using secreted Gaussia Luciferase (pCMV-GLuc Control Plasmid) as a reporter. Cells are transfected in 12-well plate format and GLuc activity was measured in 10 µl cell supernatant 24 hr post-transfection.
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