TransPass™ R2 Transfection Reagent

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    * This reagent has two solutions: Solution A - 0.5 ml, Solution B - 1.0 ml

    The TransPass™ R2 Transfection Reagent is a two component non-liposomal reagent combination developed specifically for efficient transfection of siRNA in a variety of mammalian cell lines that include “difficult to transfect" cells such as primary cells, endothelial cells, lymphocytes, muscle cells, etc. It shows reduced levels of cell toxicity as compared to cationic liposome-based reagents.

    NEB has determined that in addition to synthetic siRNAs, siRNA mixtures made with ShortCut® RNase III (NEB #M0245) can be very efficiently transfected in many mammalian cell lines with the TransPass™ R2.

    Efficient delivery of labeled siRNA and silencing of endogenous genes has been achieved in many cell lines including:

    A549, COS-7, HEK293, HepG2, NIH3T3, HeLa, OVCAR-3, HUVEC, HMVEC, THP-1, B-lymphoma cells, vascular smooth muscle cells, human lens epithelial cells.

    TransPass siRNA Transfection Reagents Validated Cell Types

    Figure 1:
    OVCAR cells transfected with a Cy3-labeled siRNA using TransPass R2.
    Figure 2:
    HeLa cells were transfected with different concentrations of p38 MAPK ShortCut siRNA Mix (+) or 24 nM eGFP ShortCut siRNA Mix (C) using TransPass R2 Transfection Reagent. Effective silencing of p38 MAPK is achieved at low siRNA nanomolar concentration 48 hours post-transfection. p38 MAPK was detected in a Western blot of cell lysates using Cell Signaling Technology (CST #9217) Antibody and PKR loading control was detected using (CST #3072) Antibody.
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