T5 Exonuclease
NEB4 cloned at NEB recombinant 37 No

This product is discontinued and has been replaced by T5 Exonuclease (NEB #M0663).

  • Catalog # M0363 was discontinued on October 02, 2020

  • Double-stranded DNA specific exonuclease and single-stranded DNA endonuclease
  • Initiates at the 5' termini of linear or nicked double-stranded DNA
  • Cleaves linear or nicked double-stranded DNA in the 5' to 3' direction

T5 Exonuclease is ideal for:

  • Removal of incomplete ligation products from ligated circular double-stranded DNA
  • Degradation of denatured DNA from alkaline-based plasmid purification methods for improved DNA cloning
  • Degradation of contaminating linear and nicked DNA in plasmid samples 

Storage Temperature: -20°C

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