Therminator™ II DNA Polymerase
cloned at NEB recombinant NEBU No

  • Catalog # M0266 was discontinued on January 01, 2013
  • Product Information
    Therminator II DNA Polymerase is a 9°N™ DNA Polymerase variant with an enhanced ability to incorporate modified substrates such as dideoxynucleotides, ribonucleotides and acyclonucleotides (1,2).

    Therminator II DNA Polymerase was derived from Therminator DNA Polymerase and differs in having one additional amino acid change. This change allows more efficient incorporation of ribonucleotides (1) and nucleotides with modified 3´ functional groups (3).


    • Enhanced incorporation of modified nucleotides, especially ribonucleotides
    • Isolated from recombinant source
    • Supplied with 10X Reaction Buffer

    Product Source

    An E. coli strain that carries the 9°N (D141A / E143A / Y409V / A485L) DNA Polymerase gene, a genetically engineered form of the native DNA polymerase from Thermococcus species 9°N-7.
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