Human DNA (cytosine-5) Methyltransferase (Dnmt3B) Carboxy-terminal Ab

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Dnmt3B is a de novo mammalian methyltransferase that is architecturally similar to Dnmt1 and Dnmt3A (1). The carboxy terminus (C- terminus) of human Dnmt3B contains the conserved catalytic motifs. This region is responsible for catalytic function. Dnmt3B cooperates with other DNA methyltransferases to maintain DNA methylation (2,3). Dnmt3B null embryos show multiple developmental defects including growth impairment and neural tube formation (4). Catalytic domain mutation in human Dnmt3B gene is associated with ICF syndrome (5). The predicted molecular weight of Dnmt3B is 97.5 kDa. 


Human DNA (cytosine-5) Methyltransferase (Dnmt3B) Carboxy-terminal Antibody detects less than 20 ng of Dnmt3B in the cell extract using anti-rabbit Phototope-HRP Western Detection Kit (available from Cell Signaling Technology).

Figure 1: Western analysis of cell extracts using Human DNA (cytosine-5) Methyltransferase 3B Carboxy-Terminal Antibody; Lane 1: 293 cells, Lane 2: HeLa cells, Lane 3: A549 cells, Lane 4: A673 cells, Lane 5: C6 cells, Lane 6: 3T3 cells, Lane 7: COS-7 cells.


  • Western blotting
  • Immunoprecipitation

Properties and Usage

  • Human
  • Rat
  • Mouse
  • Monkey

Recommended Dilution for Western Blot


Storage Temperature



  1. For blocking of western blots, 5% BSA is recommended.


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