NEBNext® mRNA Second Strand Synthesis Module


The NEBNext Second Strand Synthesis Module has been optimized to generate double stranded cDNA from first strand cDNA. The NEBNext Second Strand Synthesis Module is provided as a master mix to maximize efficiency and convenience in RNA sample preparation workflows. 

The dsDNA generated by the NEBNext Second Strand Synthesis Module can be subsequently converted to blunt ended DNA fragments using the NEBNext End Repair Module. 

The NEBNext Second Strand Synthesis Module has been validated by sequencing with the Illumina GAIIx in conjunction with M-MuLV (RNase H) Reverse Transcriptase, NEBNext First Strand Synthesis Reaction Buffer, Murine RNase Inhibitor, the NEBNext End Repair Enzyme Module, the NEBNext dA-Tailing Module, the NEBNext Quick Ligation Module, NEBNext High Fidelity 2x PCR Master Mix . 

For larger volume requirements, customized and bulk packaging is available by purchasing through the OEM/Bulks department at NEB. Please contact for further information.

Reagents Supplied

The following reagents are supplied with this product:

Store at (°C)Concentration
NEBNext® Second Strand Synthesis Enzyme Mix-20
NEBNext® Second Strand Synthesis Reaction Buffer-20

Advantages and Features


  • Efficient – Converts 10–100 ng of first strand cDNA into double stranded cDNA
  • Convenient – Reactions are provided in master mix format to reduce steps during RNA sample prep workflows
  • Automation Friendly


  • RNA Sample Preparation
  • Second Strand Synthesis of cDNA

Properties and Usage

Storage Temperature



  1. Second Strand cDNA Synthesis - NEBNext mRNA Second Strand Synthesis Module (E6111)


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