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  • E. coli K12 ER2420/pACYC184

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    A suspension of E. coli strain ER2420 containing the plasmid pACYC184 which has been grown in rich medium and brought to 50% glycerol. ER2420 background: EcoK r- m- McrBC- Mrr- Dam+ Dcm+.


    F- ara-14 leu fhuA2 Δ(gpt-proA)62 lacY1 glnV44 galK2 rpsL20 xyl-5 mtl-1 Δ(mcrC-mrr)HB101

    Properties and Usage

    Storage Temperature


    Growth Media


    Growth Temperature

    37 °C

    Growth Medium and Conditions

    The plasmid pACYC184 carries a gene encoding resistance to tetracycline (tet) and a gene encoding resistance to chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol acetyltransferase). To maintain the plasmid, cells should be grown with 25-50 µg/ml of tet and 35-50 µg/ml of cam. The plasmid, which is present at a low copy number, cannot be amplified using a standard chloramphenicol procedure but can be amplified using spectinomycin (50 µg/ml of growth media).


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    2. Rose, R.E. (1988). Nucl. Acids Res.. 16, 355.

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