E. coli K12 KS1000

  • Catalog # E4128 was discontinued on March 07, 2018
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    A suspension of E. coli K12 KS1000 which has been grown in M63 or M9 minimal glucose medium and brought to 50% glycerol. This strain is deficient in the Prc protease, a periplasmic protease (formerly known as Tsp, tail-specific protease). The Prc protease can degrade cytoplasmically expressed proteins when the cells are lysed to make a crude extract, and presumably it can degrade proteins expressed in the periplasm as well.


    F' lacIq lac+ pro+/ ara Δ(lac-pro) Δ(tsp)= Δ(prc)::KanR eda51::Tn10(TetR) gyrA(NalR) rpoB thi-1 argE(am)
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