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  • E. coli K12 ER1793

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    A suspension of E. coli ER1793 which has been grown in rich medium and brought to 50% glycerol. ER1370 background; McrA- McrBC- Mrr- EcoK r- m-


    F- fhuA2 Δ(lacZ)r1 glnV44 e14-(McrA-) trp-31 his-1 rpsL104 xyl-7 mtl-2 metB1 Δ(mcrC-mrr)114::IS10

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    Antibiotic Resistance

    • str

    Growth Media


    Growth Temperature

    37 °C


    1. Restriction Defects: McrA, McrBC, and Mrr all restrict methylcytosine-containing DNA methylated by the CpG methylase (M.Sss I) (1). In addition, McrA and McrBC specifically restrict DNA modified by different sets of more sequence-specific cytosine methylases (2).
    2. Mrr also restricts many methyladenine-containing sequences (3,4). Restriction by each of these three restriction systems individually (tested with λ DNA modified with the Sss I methylase and then packaged into phage) is: McrA, 250-fold; McrBC, 100-fold; Mrr, 200-fold. Cumulative restriction when all three are present in the same cell is 5,000-fold (1). In addition, EcoK restricts DNA not modified at K sites by 10-fold to 5,000-fold, depending on the number of sites (5). ER1793 is deficient in all four systems (1). This strain was reported to yield good quality libraries of Helicobacter pylori chromosomal DNA (6).


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