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    Synthetic Biology

    The evolution of our understanding of life sciences has opened the doors to recreate natural systems NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly products (NEB #E2621 and #E5520), and even design biological functions and systems that do not exist in nature. NEB supports synthetic biology research by providing the BioBrick® Assembly Kit (NEB #E0546) and the Gibson Assembly™ Products (NEB #E2611, and #E5510). These products are helpful to the synthetic biology community because of their convenience, flexibility and suitability for a wide range of sequence sizes.

    BioBrick® is a registered trademark of the BioBricks Foundation.
    NEBuilder® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc
    Gibson Assembly™ is a manufactured by New England Biolabs, Inc under license from synthetic Genomics, Inc
    1. Generation of Plasmid Vectors Expressing FLAG-tagged Proteins Under the Regulation of Human Elongation Factor-1α Promoter

      See how Petar & Clinton, NEB/JoVE video abstract contest winners, have been using NEB's Gibson Assembly products in their laboratory!

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