DNA Labeling & Chemiluminescent Detection

DNA Modifying Enzymes
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  • NEB offers kits and reagents designed for DNA labeling and the chemiluminescent detection of nucleic acids in standard Southern and Northern blotting applications.

    The NEBlot® Kit (NEB #N1500) is designed to produce radiolabeled DNA probes of high specific activity suitable for use as hybridization probes for screening gene libraries (1), probing of Southern and Northern blots (2,3) and in situ hybridization (4).

    Chemiluminescence is an enzyme-catalyzed reaction which emits a blue light and is fast replacing radioactive detection due to sensitivity, convenience, safety and cost. The Phototope®-Star Detection Kit (NEB #N7020), provides reagents for chemiluminescent detection of biotinylated nucleic acids.

    We offer additional reagents and buffers for DNA labeling.


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    NEBlot® is a registered trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.