Cellular Analysis Vectors

Vectors are available for SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag fusion protein expression and labeling in mammalian and bacterial systems. The mammalian SNAPf and CLIPf vectors express faster-reacting variants of the SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag than previously available vectors. Improved polylinker sequences both upstream and downstream from the tag allow expression of the tag on either end of the protein of interest, under control of the CMV promoter. SNAPf and CLIPf expression vectors contain a neomycin resistance (NeoR) gene for selection of stable transfectants, together with an IRES element for efficient expression of both the fusion protein and NeoR. Codon usage has been optimized for mammalian expression. The pSNAP-tag®(T7)-2 vector (NEB #N9181) is an E.coli expression plasmid encoding the SNAP-tag protein. The codon usage of the SNAP26b gene is optimized for expression in E.coli. Expression is under the control of the IPTG-inducible T7 promoter.

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SNAP-tag®/CLIP-tag® Cloning Vector and Plasmid Selection Chart
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