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  • Blocking agents are non-fluorescent compounds that block the reactivity of the SNAP- or CLIP-tag intracellularly (SNAP-Cell® Block, NEB #S9106; and CLIP-Cell™ Block, NEB #S9220) or on the surface of live cells (SNAP-Surface® Block, NEB #S9143; and CLIP-Cell Block). They can be used to generate inactive controls in live cell labeling experiments performed with SNAP- or CLIP-tag fusion proteins. 

    SNAP- and CLIP-Cell Block are highly membrane permeable and once in the cell react with the SNAP- or CLIP-tag, irreversibly inactivating it for subsequent labeling steps. 

    SNAP-Surface Block also reacts with the SNAP-tag irreversibly, inactivating it for subsequent labeling steps. This blocker is largely membrane impermeable essentially limiting blocking to cell surface-exposed SNAP-tags. CLIP-Cell Block may also be used to inactivate cell supface exposed CLIP-tags.

    SNAP-Cell® and SNAP-Surface® are registered trademarks of New England Biolabs, Inc.
    CLIP-Cell is a trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.

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