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Biotin/Vista Labels

Biotin Labels

For optimal flexibility with existing technologies, biotinylated labels are available for studies using streptavidin platforms. Cell-permeable [SNAP-Biotin (NEB #S9110) and CLIP-Biotin (NEB #S9221)] or non-cell-permeable substrates [CoA-Biotin NEB #S9351] are suitable for applications such as biotinylation of fusion proteins in or on living cells for detection with streptavidin fluorophore conjugates or labeling in solution for analysis by SDS-PAGE/Western blot. Biotin labels are also used for binding and protein interaction studies.

Vista Labels

SNAP- and CLIP-Vista fluorescent substrates can be used to label SNAP- and CLIP-tag fusions in cell lysates or as purified proteins for detection by SDS-PAGE. The substrates are optimal for visualization using a standard UV-transilluminator [SNAP-Vista Blue NEB #S9146] or laser-based gel scanners [SNAP-Vista Green NEB #S9147; and CLIP-Vista Green NEB #S9235].

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Biotin/Vista Labels