OneTaq® (Mg-free) GC Reaction Buffer Pack

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    5X OneTaq (Mg-free) GC Reaction Buffer and OneTaq High GC Enhancer are optimized for use with OneTaq and OneTaq Hot Start DNA Polymerases. This reaction buffer, along with supplemental enhancer and MgSO4 have been formulated for robust yields of difficult or GC-rich amplicons while allowing for maximal flexibility of Mg2+ optimization. The OneTaq (Mg-free) GC Reaction Buffer is recommended for GC-rich (>65% GC) amplicons. For particularly difficult amplicons, the OneTaq High GC Enhancer can be added at a final concentration of 10–20% to reactions with OneTaq (Mg-free) GC Reaction Buffer.  Supplemental MgSO4 is provided.

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