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ThermoPol® II (Mg-free) Reaction Buffer Pack

  • Catalog # B9005 was discontinued on July 08, 2019 ;
  • 10X ThermoPol II (Mg-free) Reaction Buffer and supplemental MgSO4 are optimized for use with Vent® and Deep Vent® DNA Polymerases.
  • This buffer and supplement also provide superior reaction conditions for other thermophilic DNA polymerases, including Taq DNA Polymerase, as well as various other DNA and RNA modifying enzymes.
  • The Mg-free reaction buffer and supplemental MgSO4 are provided for users that require complete control over Mg2+ concentration to optimize their specific application.
  • See individual product descriptions for the recommended buffer for each enzyme, or visit the FAQ page for this product on the NEB web site for a complete list of enzymes for which this buffer is either recommended or compatible.
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