Therminator™ γ Reaction Buffer Pack

  • This product was discontinued on 01/01/2013
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New England Biolabs supplies a unique 10X reaction buffer and a supplemental reagent for use with Therminator γ DNA Polymerase.

Reagents Supplied

The following reagents are supplied with this product:

Store at (°C)Concentration
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution-20100 mM
Therminator™ γ Reaction Buffer Pack-2010X

Properties and Usage

Storage Temperature


1X Buffer Components

20mM Tris-HCl
50mM KCl
5mM MgSO4
0.02% IGEPAL® CA-630
pH 9.2@25°C

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Quality Control

Quality Assurance Statement

  • This reaction buffer and supplement are free of detectable nucleases.

Safety Data Sheet

The following is a list of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that apply to this product to help you use it safely.