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  • RNA Loading Dye, (2X)


    The RNA Loading Dye, (2X) is a premixed loading dye for use with denaturing and non-denaturing PAGE/agarose gels.

    Properties and Usage

    1X Buffer Components

    47.5% Formamide
    0.01% SDS
    0.01% bromophenol blue
    0.005% Xylene Cyanol
    0.5mM EDTA

    Quality Control

    Quality Control Assays

    The following Quality Control Tests are performed on each new lot and meet the specifications designated for the product. Individual lot data can be found on the Product Summary Sheet/Datacard or Manual which can be found in the Supporting Documents section of this page.
    • Endonuclease Activity (Nicking):
      The product is tested in a reaction containing a supercoiled DNA substrate. After incubation for 16 hours the percent converted to the nicked form is determined by agarose gel electrophoresis.
    • RNase Activity (16 Hour Digestion):

      The product is tested in a reaction containing a RNA substrate.  After incubation for 16 hours there is no detectable degradation of the RNA substrate as determined by gel electrophoresis.


    1. RNA Loading Dye, (2X) is conveniently supplied in 4 tubes. The dye can be stored at room temperature for a week, at 4°C for a month and at -20°C for 2 years.
    2. The dye can also be used as a stop solution for enzyme reactions. After mixing, the samples can be stored at -20°C for at least 3 days before gel analysis.

    Supporting Documents

    Material Safety Datasheets

    The following is a list of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that apply to this product to help you use it safely. The following file naming structure is used to name these document files: [Product Name] MSDS. For international versions please contact us at info@neb.com.


    The Product Summary Sheet, or Data Card, includes details for how to use the product, as well as details of its formulation and quality controls. The following file naming structure is used to name the majority of these document files: [Catalog Number]Datasheet-Lot[Lot Number]. For those product lots not listed below, please contact NEB at info@neb.com or fill out the Technical Support Form for appropriate document.
    1. Denaturing PAGE/Urea or Denaturing Agarose Gel (B0363)