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NEB offers a broad selection of PNGase F products, all of which are highly pure for reproducible results. Choose from a variety of formulations to support your application.

PNGase F formulations include:

Glycerol-free  Fast deglycosylation  Tagged-enzyme  Custom formulations 
 PNGaseF_glycerol_free  PNGaseF_fast_deglycosylation  PNGaseF_tagged
For downstream HPLC and mass spectrometry For rapid glycan or protein analysis (non-reducing format) For easy removal from your reaction Lyophilized or immobilized enzymes are available upon request

Did you know that many of these products can be purchased in larger volumes? Contact us to find out more.

Not sure which PNGase F product will work best for you?

The selection chart below recommends which PNGase F product will work best for different applications. 

PNGase F
PNGase F Remove-iT® PNGase F PNGase F , Recombinant

Std.* GF**
Std.* GF**
N-glycan removal from glycoproteins
Optional removal of the enzyme from the reaction

Glycoprotein analysis, regulatory monitoring ●***

High-throughput antibody analysis, regulatory monitoring


* Std. = Standard formulation
** GF = Glycerol-free formulation
*** Rapid PNGase F works for many other glycoproteins (not antibody-related), but this needs to be empirically tested for each glycoprotein.


Rapid PNGase F completeness

Rapid PNGase F is an improved and innovative reagent that allows the complete and rapid deglycosylation of antibodies and immunoglobulin-fusion proteins in minutes. All N-glycans are released rapidly and without bias. 


Intact mass analysis (ESI-MS) of the heavy chain of a murine monoclonal antibody
The negative control depicts the glycoforms present in the heavy chain of a murine monoclonal antibody. Deglycosylation with PNGase F for either 1 hour or 16 hours does not yield complete removal of all N-glycans. Deglycosylation with Rapid PNGase F (NEB #P0710) or Rapid PNGase F (non-reducing format) (NEB #P0711) yields complete removal of all N-glycans efficiently and without bias.



One or more of these products are covered by patents, trademarks and/or copyrights owned or controlled by New England Biolabs, Inc. For more information, please email us at gbd@neb.com. The use of these products may require you to obtain additional third party intellectual property rights for certain application.

Available PNGase F products:

NEBNext_portal_product_icon  Rapid PNGase F 
  • Rapid PNGase F (NEB #P0710) completely deglycosylates antibodies and immunoglobulin fusion proteins in 10 minutes
  • Rapid PNGase F (non-reducing format) (NEB #P0711) completely deglycosylates in 10 minutes, while preserving disulfide bonds and quaternary structure for intact antibody analysis
  • Compatible with downstream HPLC and mass spectrometry analysis
  • Recombinant enzyme, releases N- glycans rapidly and without bias


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  PNGase F, Recombinant 


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  Remove-iT™ PNGase F 
  • Remove-iT PNGase F (NEB #P0706) is CBD-tagged for easy removal of the enzyme by incubation with chitin magnetic beads
  • Identical specificity and activity as non-tagged PNGase F


NEBNext_portal_product_icon  PNGase F