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NEBNext® RNA Depletion Core Reagent Set

Introducing a new solution for customized depletion of abundant RNAs.

In RNA-seq, highly expressed transcripts with minimal biological interest, such as ribosomal RNA (rRNA) can dominate readouts and mask detection of more informative low-abundance transcripts. This challenge is amplified when working with sample types for which pre-designed RNA depletion kits are not available. The NEBNext RNA Depletion Core Reagent set provides a customized approach to deplete unwanted RNA from any organism, using probe sequences designed with the user-friendly NEBNext Custom RNA Depletion Design Tool.

The efficient RNase-H-based workflow, and close tiling of probes designed using the online tool, enables effective depletion from both low- and high-quality RNA, with a broad range of input amounts. 

  • Compatible with a broad range of input amounts: 10 ng - 1µg
  • Suitable for low-quality or high-quality RNA
  • Fast workflow: 2 hours, with less than 10 minutes hands-on time

The kit is also available with RNAClean® beads.

Catalog # Concentration Size
E7865S Not Applicable 6 reactions
E7865L Not Applicable 24 reactions
E7865X Not Applicable 96 reactions
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