NEBNext Ultra II RNA Kits offer exceptional yields of high-quality libraries

Smarter, more streamlined RNA library prep with NEBNext®

• Our NEBNext UltraExpress™ RNA Library Prep Kit yields high-quality RNA libraries in 3 hours, following mRNA enrichment or RNA depletion (optional)
• Generate strand-specific or non-stranded RNA libraries from as little as 5 ng input with our NEBNext Ultra II RNA Library Prep Kits
• NEBNext Multiplex Oligos enable simple yet powerful NGS sample multiplexing
• Optimized workflows for small RNAs, and single cell and ultra-low input RNA

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In this brochure, learn more about the benefits of the Ultra II workflow, and NEBNext Ultra II sample preparation products available for sequencing on the Illumina® platform.

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NEBNext For RNA Sample Prep Brochure

The NEBNext for RNA Sample Prep Brochure provides an overview of the NEBNext sample preparation products for sequencing on the Illumina platform, as well as tech tips and workflow overviews.

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Obtain superior NGS library performance with lower input amounts using the NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

This technical note offers advances in non-strand-specific RNA library construction in a poly(A) mRNA enrichment workflow.

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Featured NEBNext Ultra II RNA products

High-quality, high-yield RNA libraries are critical for RNA sequencing. They enable the analysis of gene expression and regulation, discovery of novel transcripts, study of RNA modifications, and investigation of isoform diversity.

Our extensive range of NEBNext library prep options encompass kits and workflows tailored for rapid processing of samples across a broad input range, including small RNAs, optimizing your workflow efficiency.

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