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What People are Saying

NEBNext Direct enrichment technology is by far the fastest and most automation friendly protocol available today. I can have samples on the sequencer in 6 hours starting from genomic DNA. The technology produces very high on target percentages (>90%) for even very small panels, and in combination with molecular barcoding produces low duplication rates. From an optimization perspective, NEBNext Direct enrichment allows me to assign individual captured fragments to a probe unambiguously, thus giving the opportunity for optimizing the coverage distribution of any target.

– Eric C. Olivares,
   Founder, SEQanswers.com

NEB was fantastic while developing our panel or updating an existing one. The protocol is simple and fast and the results have been superb.

– Luca Magnani, Ph.D
   CRUK Fellow
   Department of Surgery and    Cancer
   Imperial Centre for    Translational and    Experimental Medicine

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