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Monarch purification columns have been custom designed to deliver excellent performance by eliminating buffer retention and the risk of carryover contamination, as well as minimize their environmental impact. The tapered design enables elution in as low as 30 μl for the Miniprep Kit and 6 μl for the Gel Extraction and PCR & DNA Cleanup kits.

Monarch Columns use less plastic than conventional columns, reducing their environmental footprint without compromising performance. The columns fit snugly into the collection tubes to enable easy handling. The Monarch Miniprep Columns feature a convenient tab so that you can label your columns easily without removing them from your tube rack. Monarch columns are suitable for use with centrifugation and vacuum purification protocols.

Monarch column features

Monarch kits deliver optimum performance

Together with our enhanced buffer system, Monarch columns deliver excellent performance. Select a thumbnail to view the data for each product.

Monarch Plasmid
  Miniprep Kit
  Monarch DNA
  Gel Extraction Kit

Monarch PCR & DNA
 Cleanup Kit (5 μg)

Unique Monarch column design

           Monarch Plasmid
        Miniprep Kit Column

            Monarch DNA Cleanup Column
    (Gel Extraction/PCR & DNA Cleanup Kits)

Many purification columns are built with a retaining ring to hold the membrane in place. This can trap buffer during various steps in the protocol. Monarch Columns’ silica matrix is held in place without the use of a retaining ring, thereby eliminating buffer retention and ensuring worry-free purification.


Improved buffer system

All buffers are available for purchase separately (as are columns)

Miniprep Kits

  • Our colored buffers help you easily identify the correct buffer to use

  • Color indicators help monitor completion of certain steps

  • RNase is already added to Monarch Plasmid Neutralization Buffer (B3) for convenience – no need to worry if you remembered to add RNase!

Gel Extraction and PCR & DNA Cleanup Kits

  • No pH adjustment steps necessary with Monarch Kits! Our buffers have been designed to eliminate the need to monitor the pH of your reaction, saving you a step.

Columns designed for easy labeling and handling

  • Monarch columns have been designed for a snug fit into the collection tubes for easy handling. This is especially helpful when taking columns in and out of the centrifuge.

  • The Monarch Miniprep Column has a convenient tab for easy labeling. There is no need to remove the column from your tube rack! (And don’t worry – you can easily label our cleanup columns too – they are capped).

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