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Buy only what you need – Monarch buffers and columns available separately

It can be frustrating to have to purchase an entire new kit when a single component has run out in your current kit. We’ve heard this complaint from our customers, and that’s why Monarch Kit components – buffers and columns alike – are available for purchase separately.

Monarch Kits offer competitive pricing

NEB offers competitive list pricing as compared to Qiagen®. US list prices are indicated in the chart below. Contact your local representative for a quote. International customers should contact their local subsidiary or distributor for pricing information.
Kit Name NEB # Preps NEB List
Price (US)
Qiagen List
Price (US)**
Miniprep Kit
T1010S 50 $82 $92.80 $10.80 (12%) No hazardous
materials fee
for Monarch Kits
T1010L 250 $349 $392 $43 (11%) No hazardous
materials fee for
Monarch Kits
Monarch DNA
Gel Extraction
T1020S 50 $99 $117 $17 (15%)
T1020L 250 $455 $554 $99 (18%) Qualifies for free
shipping under
NEB's standard
shipping policy
(orders >$350
ship free)*
Monarch PCR
& DNA Cleanup
Kit (5 μg)
T1030S 50 $99 $115 $16 (14%)
T1030L 250 $455 $550 $95 (17%) Qualifies for free
shipping under
NEB's standard
shipping policy
(orders >$350 ship free)*
Monarch Total RNA
Miniprep Kit
T2010S 50 $250

$306 (RNeasy Mini)

$352 (RNeasy Protect Mini)

$357 (QIAmp RNA Blood)

$56 (18%)

$102 (29%)

$107 (30%)

*Based upon NEB's standard shipping policy in US only
**Monarch Miniprep Kit is compared to Qiagen QIAprep® Spin Miniprep Kit, and Monarch Gel Extraction and PCR & DNA Cleanup Kits are compared to Qiagen QIAquick® Kits. Prices are based on Qiagen’s website as of October 2017.


  Component included?
(and cost per prep, if purchased separately)
Product Price/Prep gDNA Removal Columns DNase I Prot K RNA Protection Price Per Prep Kit Price Monarch % advantage
Monarch RNA Purification Kit (50 prep) $5.00 $5.00 $250.00 -
RNeasy Mini Kit (50 prep) $6.02
(not sold separately)



$10.15 $507.50 51%
RNeasy Protect Mini Kit (50 prep) $7.04
(not sold separately)


$9.58 $479 48%
RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (50 prep) $6.86



$10.40 $520 52%
QIAmp® RNA Blood Mini Kit (50 prep) $7.14


$10.68 $520 53%
Thermo Fisher® PureLink® RNA Mini Kit (50 prep) $5.16
(not sold separately)



$8.90 $445 45%

Save money with no additional shipping and handling charges*

Monarch kits from NEB carry no additional shipping and handling fees. Our standard shipping policy applies to these products. Additionally, in the US, any orders over $350 ship for free, which means that the large Monarch DNA Gel Extraction Kit and large Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit will almost always ship for free!

Further savings with no hazardous materials fees

Many purification kits commonly contain buffers which, when supplied in quantities over a certain volume, require special shipping and handling by transportation agencies. This often results in a "Hazardous Materials Fee" being passed on to the customer to cover the costs incurred by the supplier, in addition to the regular shipping fees that a company charges. Often times these fees can add up to be more than the actual cost of the kit! The Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit and the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit have been purposefully configured to be exempt from expensive hazardous shipping requirements..




Available kits include:

Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit 
Extract and purify up to 100 µg of high-quality RNA from a variety of sample types with a single, convenient kit. DNase I, gDNA removal columns, Proteinase K, and a protection reagent are all included. Monarch-purified RNA is ready to use in RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, RNA-seq and other applications.

Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit
This kit employs familiar cell resuspension, alkaline lysis and neutralization steps, with the additional benefit of color indicators to monitor completion. Elute in lower volumes for more concentrated, highly pure DNA samples.


Monarch DNA Gel Extraction Kit
Rapidly purify up to 5 μg of concentrated, high-quality DNA from your agarose gels, with no need to adjust pH. Elute in as little as 6 μl for a more concentrated sample. Enjoy high yields and minimal hands on time.


Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5 μg)
Purify DNA from a variety of enzymatic reactions, including PCR, restriction digestion, ligation and reverse transcription. Also isolate small DNA including oligos with a slight protocol modification.

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