NEBNext® Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit

The NEBNext® Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit facilitates enrichment of microbial DNA from samples containing methylated host DNA (including human), by selective binding and removal of the CpG-methylated host DNA. Importantly, microbial diversity remains intact after enrichment.

  • Effective enrichment of microbial genomic DNA from samples contaminating host DNA
  • Fast, simple protocol
  • Enables microbiome whole genome sequencing, even for samples with high levels of host DNA
  • Compatible with downstream applications including next generation sequencing on all platforms, qPCR and end point PCR
  • Suitable for a wide range of sample types
  • No requirement for live cells
  • Optional protocol to retain separated host DNA
  • Also effective for separation of organelle DNA (e.g. mitochondria, chloroplast) from eukaryote nuclear DNA
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E2612S Not Applicable 6 reactions $250.00
E2612L Not Applicable 24 reactions $852.00
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