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Available in this Freezer

NEB #DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 unitsM0201S
M0202LT4 DNA Ligase100,000 unitsM0202L
M0202ST4 DNA Ligase20,000 unitsM0202S
M0250SMung Bean Nuclease1,500 unitsM0250S
M0289SAntarctic Phosphatase1,000 unitsM0289S
M0290SAlkaline Phosphatase, Calf Intestinal (CIP)1,000 unitsM0290S
M0303SDNase I (RNase-free)1,000 unitsM0303S
M0392Sβ-Agarase I100 unitsM0392S
M2200LQuick Ligation™ Kit150 reactionsM2200L
M2200SQuick Ligation™ Kit30 reactionsM2200S
NEB #DNA PlasmidsSizeStockroom #
N4018SM13mp18 RF I DNA10 μgN4018S
N4040SM13mp18 Single-stranded DNA10 μgN4040S
NEB #Markers & LaddersSizeStockroom #
N3011SLambda DNA250 μgN3011S
N3012Sλ DNA-HindIII Digest0.3 mlN3012S
N3031SpBR322 DNA-BstNI Digest0.1 mlN3031S
N3200S2-Log DNA Ladder (0.1-10.0 kb)0.1 mlN3200S
N3231L100 bp DNA Ladder0.5 mlN3231L
N3231S100 bp DNA Ladder0.1 mlN3231S
N3232L1 kb DNA Ladder1 mlN3232L
N3232S1 kb DNA Ladder0.2 mlN3232S
N3234SPCR Marker0.1 mlN3234S
N3270STriDye™ 2-Log DNA Ladder (0.1 - 10.0 kb)1.3 mlN3270S
N3271STriDye™ 100 bp DNA Ladder1.3 mlN3271S
N3272STriDye™ 1 kb DNA Ladder1.3 mlN3272S
P7706SBlue Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range (11-190 kDa)0 mlP7706S
NEB #Nucleic Acid PurificationSizeStockroom #
T1010SMonarch® Plasmid Miniprep Kit 50 prepsT1010S
NEB #PCR, qPCR & Amplification TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
E3005SLuna® Universal One-Step RT-qPCR Kit200 reactionsE3005S
M0203ST4 DNA Polymerase150 unitsM0203S
M0210SDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment200 unitsM0210S
M0267LTaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer2,000 unitsM0267L
M0267STaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer400 unitsM0267S
M0530SPhusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 unitsM0530S
M3003SLuna® Universal qPCR Master Mix200 rxn (2 x 1 ml)M3003S
M3004SLuna® Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix200 rxn (2 x 1 ml)M3004S
N0446SDeoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Set25 μmol of eachN0446S
N0447SDeoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Mix8 μmol of eachN0447S
NEB #Protein Expression & Purification TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
S6651SChitin Resin20 mlS6651S
NEB #Protein ToolsSizeStockroom #
P8010SFactor Xa Protease50 μgP8010S
NEB #Restriction EndonucleasesSizeStockroom #
R0104SHindIII10,000 unitsR0104S
R0111SNdeI4,000 unitsR0111S
R0114SApaI5,000 unitsR0114S
R0117SAatII500 unitsR0117S
R0131SNheI1,000 unitsR0131S
R0132SSspI1,000 unitsR0132S
R0133SSpeI500 unitsR0133S
R0136SBamHI10,000 unitsR0136S
R0141SSmaI2,000 unitsR0141S
R0142SKpnI4,000 unitsR0142S
R0144SBglII2,000 unitsR0144S
R0145SXbaI3,000 unitsR0145S
R0146SXhoI5,000 unitsR0146S
R0150SPvuI500 unitsR0150S
R0156SSacI2,000 unitsR0156S
R0162SBstEII2,000 unitsR0162S
R0180SXmaI500 unitsR0180S
R0182SSphI500 unitsR0182S
R0187SStuI1,000 unitsR0187S
R0189LNotI2,500 unitsR0189L
R0189SNotI500 unitsR0189S
R0191SNarI500 unitsR0191S
R0198SMluI1,000 unitsR0198S
R0199SBssHII500 unitsR0199S
R0505SEagI500 unitsR0505S
R0552SAgeI300 unitsR0552S
R0560SPmeI500 unitsR0560S
R0569SSapI250 unitsR0569S