University of Texas, Austin

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NEB # Competent Cells Size Stockroom #
C3019H NEB® 10-beta Competent E. coli (High Efficiency) 20 x 0.05 ml/tube C3019H
NEB # DNA Modifying Enzymes Size Stockroom #
M0212M Klenow Fragment (3'→5' exo-) 1000 units M0212M
E6053L NEBNext® dA-Tailing Module 100 reactions E6053L
E6040L NEBNext® DNA Library Prep Master Mix Set for Illumina® 60 reactions E6040L
E6050L NEBNext® End Repair Module 100 reactions E6050L
E6056L NEBNext® Quick Ligation Module 100 reactions E6056L
M2200S Quick Ligation™ Kit 30 reactions M2200S
M0202L T4 DNA Ligase 100000 units M0202L
M0202M T4 DNA Ligase 100000 units M0202M
M0202S T4 DNA Ligase 20000 units M0202S
M0202T T4 DNA Ligase 20000 units M0202T
NEB # Epigenetics Size Stockroom #
R0176S DpnI 1000 units R0176S
R0543S DpnII 1000 units R0543S
R0171S HpaII 2000 units R0171S
R3138S SalI-HF® 2000 units R3138S
R3138L SalI-HF® 10000 units R3138L
NEB # Markers & Ladders Size Stockroom #
N3232L 1 kb DNA Ladder 1 ml N3232L
N3232S 1 kb DNA Ladder 0.2 ml N3232S
N3231S 100 bp DNA Ladder 0.1 ml N3231S
N3231L 100 bp DNA Ladder 0.5 ml N3231L
N3236S 50 bp DNA Ladder 0.1 ml N3236S
N3233S Low Molecular Weight DNA Ladder 0.1 ml N3233S
NEB # PCR, Polymerases & Amplification Technologies Size Stockroom #
M0210L DNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment 1000 units M0210L
M0210M DNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment 1000 units M0210M
M0210S DNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment 200 units M0210S
M0541L NEBNext® High-Fidelity 2X PCR Master Mix 250 reactions M0541L
M0543S NEBNext® Q5® Hot Start HiFi PCR Master Mix 50 reactions M0543S
E7525L NEBNext® RNA First Strand Synthesis Module 96 reactions E7525L
E7550L NEBNext® Ultra™ II Directional RNA Second Strand Synthesis Module 96 reactions E7550L
M0530S Phusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase 100 units M0530S
M0530L Phusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase 500 units M0530L
M0203S T4 DNA Polymerase 150 units M0203S
M0267L Taq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer 2000 units M0267L
M0267S Taq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer 400 units M0267S
M0254S Vent® DNA Polymerase 200 units M0254S
NEB # Protein Tools Size Stockroom #
P8107S Proteinase K, Molecular Biology Grade 2 x 1 ml vials P8107S
NEB # Restriction Endonucleases Size Stockroom #
R0117S AatII 500 units R0117S
R0161S AccI 1000 units R0161S
R0520S AflII 2000 units R0520S
R3552S AgeI-HF® 300 units R3552S
R0558S AscI 500 units R0558S
R0526S AseI 2000 units R0526S
R0174S AvrII 100 units R0174S
R3136S BamHI-HF® 10000 units R3136S
R3136L BamHI-HF® 50000 units R3136L
R0160S BclI 3000 units R0160S
R0568S BfaI 500 units R0568S
R0144L BglII 10000 units R0144L
R0144S BglII 2000 units R0144S
R0575S BsrGI 1000 units R0575S
R0199S BssHII 500 units R0199S
R0113S BstXI 1000 units R0113S
R0197S ClaI 1000 units R0197S
R3505S EagI-HF® 500 units R3505S
R3101S EcoRI-HF® 10000 units R3101S
R3101L EcoRI-HF® 50000 units R3101L
R3195S EcoRV-HF® 4000 units R3195S
R0588S FseI 100 units R0588S
R0103S HincII 1000 units R0103S
R0104S HindIII 10000 units R0104S
R0105S HpaI 500 units R0105S
R3142S KpnI-HF® 4000 units R3142S
R0589S MfeI 500 units R0589S
R3589S MfeI-HF® 500 units R3589S
R0198S MluI 1000 units R0198S
R0525S MseI 500 units R0525S
R0190S NaeI 500 units R0190S
R3193S NcoI-HF® 1000 units R3193S
R0111S NdeI 4000 units R0111S
R0564S NgoMIV 1000 units R0564S
R3131S NheI-HF® 1000 units R3131S
R3189S NotI-HF® 500 units R3189S
R3189L NotI-HF® 2500 units R3189L
R0127S NsiI 1000 units R0127S
R0547S PacI 250 units R0547S
R0547L PacI 1250 units R0547L
R0560S PmeI 500 units R0560S
R0532S PmlI 2000 units R0532S
R3140S PstI-HF® 10000 units R3140S
R0150S PvuI 500 units R0150S
R3151S PvuII-HF® 5000 units R3151S
R0501S RsrII 500 units R0501S
R3156L SacI-HF® 10000 units R3156L
R3156S SacI-HF® 2000 units R3156S
R0157S SacII 2000 units R0157S
R0157L SacII 10000 units R0157L
R3122S ScaI-HF® 1000 units R3122S
R0123S SfiI 3000 units R0123S
R0141S SmaI 2000 units R0141S
R0130S SnaBI 500 units R0130S
R0133S SpeI 500 units R0133S
R0133L SpeI 2500 units R0133L
R3182L SphI-HF® 2500 units R3182L
R3182S SphI-HF® 500 units R3182S
R3132S SspI-HF® 1000 units R3132S
R0187S StuI 1000 units R0187S
R0145S XbaI 3000 units R0145S
R0145L XbaI 15000 units R0145L
R0533S XcmI 1000 units R0533S
R0146S XhoI 5000 units R0146S
R0146L XhoI 25000 units R0146L
R0180S XmaI 500 units R0180S
R0194S XmnI 1000 units R0194S
NEB # RNA Reagents Size Stockroom #
M0289S Antarctic Phosphatase 1000 units M0289S
N0447S Deoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Mix 8 µmol of each N0447S
N0446S Deoxynucleotide (dNTP) Solution Set 25 µmol of each N0446S
M0368S ProtoScript® II Reverse Transcriptase 4000 units M0368S
M0201S T4 Polynucleotide Kinase 500 units M0201S