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  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

    • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
      Hillside Campus, Room 2715
      One Bungtown Road
      Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

      Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

      Bob Gerdes
      Phone (516) 422-4054
      Your NEB Sales Rep
      David Gdula, Ph.D.

      Phone (978) 380-2970
      FAX (978) 380-7479

    Available in this Freezer

    NEB #DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
    M0201LT4 Polynucleotide Kinase2,500 unitsM0201L
    M0201ST4 Polynucleotide Kinase500 unitsM0201S
    M0202LT4 DNA Ligase100,000 unitsM0202L
    M0202MT4 DNA Ligase100,000 unitsM0202M
    M0202ST4 DNA Ligase20,000 unitsM0202S
    M0202TT4 DNA Ligase20,000 unitsM0202T
    M0205LE. coli DNA Ligase1,000 unitsM0205L
    M0212LKlenow Fragment (3'→5' exo-)1,000 unitsM0212L
    M0290SAlkaline Phosphatase, Calf Intestinal (CIP)1,000 unitsM0290S
    M0303SDNase I (RNase-free)1,000 unitsM0303S
    M0367LBlunt/TA Ligase Master Mix250 reactionsM0367L
    M0367SBlunt/TA Ligase Master Mix50 reactionsM0367S
    M0370LInstant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix250 reactionsM0370L
    M0370SInstant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix50 reactionsM0370S
    M2200LQuick Ligation™ Kit150 reactionsM2200L
    M2200SQuick Ligation™ Kit30 reactionsM2200S
    NEB #EpigeneticsSizeStockroom #
    M0272LMcrBC2,500 unitsM0272L
    R0106LMspI25,000 unitsR0106L
    R0176LDpnI5,000 unitsR0176L
    R0176SDpnI1,000 unitsR0176S
    NEB #Markers & LaddersSizeStockroom #
    B7021SGel Loading Dye, Blue (6X)4 mlB7021S
    N3231L100 bp DNA Ladder0.5 mlN3231L
    N3231S100 bp DNA Ladder0.1 mlN3231S
    N3232L1 kb DNA Ladder1 mlN3232L
    N3232S1 kb DNA Ladder0.2 mlN3232S
    N3236S50 bp DNA Ladder0.1 mlN3236S
    NEB #PCR, qPCR & Amplification TechnologiesSizeStockroom #
    M0203LT4 DNA Polymerase750 unitsM0203L
    M0203ST4 DNA Polymerase150 unitsM0203S
    M0210LDNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment1,000 unitsM0210L
    M0267LTaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer2,000 unitsM0267L
    M0267STaq DNA Polymerase with ThermoPol® Buffer400 unitsM0267S
    M0491LQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase500 unitsM0491L
    M0491SQ5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 unitsM0491S
    M0530SPhusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase100 unitsM0530S
    M0531LPhusion® High-Fidelity PCR Master Mix with HF Buffer500 reactions (50 μl vol)M0531L
    M0531SPhusion® High-Fidelity PCR Master Mix with HF Buffer100 reactions (50 μl vol)M0531S
    NEB #Restriction EndonucleasesSizeStockroom #
    R0101LEcoRI50,000 unitsR0101L
    R0103SHincII1,000 unitsR0103S
    R0104SHindIII10,000 unitsR0104S
    R0108SHaeIII3,000 unitsR0108S
    R0111LNdeI20,000 unitsR0111L
    R0111SNdeI4,000 unitsR0111S
    R0113SBstXI1,000 unitsR0113S
    R0114SApaI5,000 unitsR0114S
    R0127LNsiI5,000 unitsR0127L
    R0129SDraI2,000 unitsR0129S
    R0130SSnaBI500 unitsR0130S
    R0131SNheI1,000 unitsR0131S
    R0133SSpeI500 unitsR0133S
    R0136SBamHI10,000 unitsR0136S
    R0137SAluI1,000 unitsR0137S
    R0138SSalI2,000 unitsR0138S
    R0140SPstI10,000 unitsR0140S
    R0141SSmaI2,000 unitsR0141S
    R0142SKpnI4,000 unitsR0142S
    R0144LBglII10,000 unitsR0144L
    R0145SXbaI3,000 unitsR0145S
    R0146LXhoI25,000 unitsR0146L
    R0149STaqαI4,000 unitsR0149S
    R0151SPvuII5,000 unitsR0151S
    R0156SSacI2,000 unitsR0156S
    R0157SSacII2,000 unitsR0157S
    R0160SBclI3,000 unitsR0160S
    R0162SBstEII2,000 unitsR0162S
    R0167SRsaI1,000 unitsR0167S
    R0169SSau3AI200 unitsR0169S
    R0171SHpaII2,000 unitsR0171S
    R0180SXmaI500 unitsR0180S
    R0182SSphI500 unitsR0182S
    R0187SStuI1,000 unitsR0187S
    R0189LNotI2,500 unitsR0189L
    R0189SNotI500 unitsR0189S
    R0190SNaeI500 unitsR0190S
    R0193SNcoI1,000 unitsR0193S
    R0194SXmnI1,000 unitsR0194S
    R0195SEcoRV4,000 unitsR0195S
    R0197SClaI1,000 unitsR0197S
    R0198SMluI1,000 unitsR0198S
    R0500SStyI3,000 unitsR0500S
    R0505SEagI500 unitsR0505S
    R0519SBstBI2,500 unitsR0519S
    R0520SAflII2,000 unitsR0520S
    R0525MMseI2,500 unitsR0525M
    R0532SPmlI2,000 unitsR0532S
    R0539SBbsI300 unitsR0539S
    R0547SPacI250 unitsR0547S
    R0552LAgeI1,500 unitsR0552L
    R0552SAgeI300 unitsR0552S
    R0558SAscI500 unitsR0558S
    R0560SPmeI500 unitsR0560S
    R0568LBfaI2,500 unitsR0568L
    R0568SBfaI500 unitsR0568S
    R0589SMfeI500 unitsR0589S
    R3642LSbfI-HF®2,500 unitsR3642L
    NEB #RNA ReagentsSizeStockroom #
    M0368LProtoScript® II Reverse Transcriptase10,000 unitsM0368L
    M0368SProtoScript® II Reverse Transcriptase4,000 unitsM0368S