While cloning has typically been a time-consuming process in the past, advances in both technologies and reagents have enabled the process to take much less time. Race to NEB for the highest quality products that save valuable time!





Fast cloning reagents from NEB:




NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix, NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Cloning Kit & NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Bundle for Large Fragments

Rapid, seamless assembly/cloning of multiple fragments in as little as 15 minutes


NEB® Gibson Assembly Master Mix &
Gibson Assembly Cloning Kit

Successful assembly of multiple DNA fragments, regardless of fragment length or end compatibility


NEB® Golden Gate Assembly Mix

Efficient, ordered assembly of multiple fragments in a single reaction



High-Fidelity (HF®) restriction enzymes

HF enzymes offer reduced star activity, rapid digestion and 100% activity in CutSmart® Buffer 


Time-Saver™ restriction enzymes

>195 enzymes are Time-Saver qualified and will digest DNA in 5-15 minutes; digest overnight with no unwanted star activity



Quick Dephosphorylation Kit

Complete dephosphorylation in 10 minutes with rapid, irreversible heat inactivation


Quick Blunting Kit

Blunt restriction enzyme-digested DNA in less than 30 minutes at room temperature



Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

With the lowest error rate of all known commercially available PCR polymerases, Q5 enables extension times as low as 10 seconds per kb on templates up to 20 kb



Monarch® DNA Purification kits

Purify high-quality DNA in minutes (5 minutes for the PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit!). Designed with sustainability in mind, Monarch kits use less plastic and responsibly-sourced packaging



Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix

Specially formulated to instantly ligate 2-4 basepair overhangs! Just add DNA, flick the tube, and ligation occurs instantly! No need for incubation.


Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix

Specially formulated to ligate single-base and blunt ends in just 15 minutes


Quick Ligation Kit

Ligates both cohesive and blunt ends in just 5 minutes at room temperature



NEB Turbo Competent E. coli (High-Efficiency)

Generate colonies in as little as 6.5 hours with a 5-minute transformation protocol





One or more of these products are covered by patents, trademarks and/or copyrights owned or controlled by New England Biolabs, Inc. For more information, please email us at gbd@neb.com. The use of these products may require you to obtain additional third party intellectual property rights for certain applications

Featured fast cloning resources:




For products, protocols and tips for each step of your traditional cloning experiment



For help with scientific calculations and conversions for DNA and RNA



To identify the restriction sites within your DNA sequence



Molecular Cloning Technical Guide

Get help with product selection, protocols, tips for optimization and troubleshooting.


Reagents & Tools for Molecular Cloning Brochure

Learn about NEB's recommended products for cloning.

  1. OverviewOfTraditionalCloning_720

    Overview of Traditional Cloning

    Traditional Cloning refers to the generation of DNA fragments using restriction enzymes, and their subsequent assembly and transformation. The name is derived from the method’s history as the first widely-accepted cloning method. Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of Traditional Cloning.

  2. NEBTVwebinar_NEBuilderHiFi_720

    NEBuilder HiFi: the next generation of DNA Assembly

    In this webinar, we will explore some of the latest applications for NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly. View full Q & A summary.

  3. GoldenGateAssemblyWorkflow_720

    Golden Gate Assembly Workflow

    Find out how Golden Gate Assembly can be used to quickly join multiple DNA fragments.

  4. PrimerDesignFragmentAssembly_720

    Primer Design and Fragment Assembly Using NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly or Gibson Assembly® E5510 E5520

    Watch an interactive tutorial on primer design to see how simple it really is to clone with either NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly or the Gibson Assembly Cloning Kit.

  5. TimeSaverREs_video_thumb

    Time-Saver Qualified Restriction Enzymes

    How will Time-Saver™ qualified enzymes save you time? Find out from an NEB scientist.

  6. DNABluntingVideo_thumb

    DNA Blunting Tutorial

    The first step in determining how your ends will be blunted is to determine if they are 5´ or 3´ overhangs. This tutorial will teach you how to identify what type of overhang you have, as well as which enzyme will blunt that end, and how.

  7. CloningWithREsVideo_thumb

    Cloning With Restriction Enzymes

    Restriction enzymes are an integral part of the cloning workflow, for generating compatible ends on fragments and vectors. This animation discusses three guidelines for determining which restriction enzymes to use in your cloning experiment.

  8. TransformationTips_VideoThumb_282x210_0616

    Tips for Successful Transformations with NEB Competent Cells

    Follow these tips to get superior results.

  9. WhichLigase_thumb

    How do I choose the best DNA Ligase?

    NEB continues to develop and produce the most extensive commercially available selection of high-quality, and performance-optimized DNA ligases and ligase master mixes for your ligation needs.

  10. Why_Choose_Q5_TN

    Why Choose Q5 High-fidelity Polymerase?

    Not sure why Q5® is your best choice for high-fidelity amplification of GC-rich targets? NEB's scientists will show you why we call Q5 an "ultra-high fidelity polymerase".

  11. Monarch_PCRCleanupProtocol_VideoThumb

    Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit protocol

    Learn how to isolate DNA from your enzymatic reactions, including PCR, using the Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit (5 µg).