FAQ: What is the difference between Q5® Blood Direct 2X Master Mix and Hemo KlenTaq (NEB #M0332)?

Hemo KlenTaq is a blood direct polymerase based on a mutant Taq DNA Polymerase while Q5 Blood Direct 2X Master Mix contains Q5 Hot Start High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase. 

Q5 Blood Direct 2X Master Mix comes as a mix containing buffer and dNTPs as well as enzyme. Hemo KlenTaq is a stand-alone enzyme with a separate 5X reaction buffer that does not contain dNTPs.

Q5 Blood Direct 2X Master Mix should be used in applications where a higher degree of fidelity is required, such as when the PCR products will be used in downstream applications. 

Q5 Blood can amplify up to 7.5 kb fragments from human blood while Hemo KlenTaq cannot amplify fragments longer than 2 kb.