FAQ: What is Strand Displacement Amplification (SDA)?

Strand displacement amplification is an isothermal in vitro DNA amplification method that relies on a nicking enzyme to nick one strand of double-stranded DNA and a DNA polymerase with exonuclease deficiency to extend the 3´-end at the nick and displace the downstream DNA strand (GT Walker, 1992). This method can be applied to rapidly detect a target nucleic acid with high sensitivity in a point-of-care setting and has become a popular molecular diagnosis method. We show a typical SDA reaction with WarmStart Nt.BstNBI (NEB #R0725) and Bst 2.0 WarmStart DNA polymerase (NEB #M0538) to detect hBRCA1 target in HeLa genomic DNA in WarmStart Nt.BstNBI product page. To learn more and to view our strand displacement amplification and nicking enzyme amplification reaction product offerings, please visit here.