FAQ: I would like to purchase the contents of the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit (NEB #T2010S) separately. Which products do I need?

As with all Monarch nucleic acid purification kits, the columns and components of the T2010 kit are available for sale separately. The contents of the kit are outlined below, but please note that some sample types do not require all components. A summary of the products needed for processing common sample types is provided below, and the product manual provides detailed information on processing various sample types.

Products Required for Processing Various Sample Types

Product Name NEB # Cultured Mammalian Cells ** Blood Tissue or Leukocytes Saliva+ Swabs in transport media Swabs without transport media Tough-to-Lyse samples
Monarch® DNA/RNA Protection Reagent* T2011  (2X)  (1X)    (2X)  (1X) ***
Monarch® RNA Lysis Buffer T2012  
Monarch gDNA Removal Columns T2017  
Proteinase K + Associated Buffers Components of T2019 – Monarch Total RNA Enzyme Pack


DNase I + Associated Buffer Components of T2019 – Monarch Total RNA Enzyme Pack

Optional but recommended for all sample types
Monarch® RNA Purification Columns T2007 Required for all sample types
Monarch® RNA Priming Buffer T2013 Required for all sample types
Monarch® RNA Wash Buffer T2014 Required for all sample types
Nuclease-free Water B1500 Required for all sample types

* Protection Reagent is supplied as a 2X concentrate.  For liquid samples (e.g. blood) use the 2X concentrate, for other samples, prepare a 1X dilution.

** Protection Reagent is not required for processing cultured mammalian cells. However, cells can be stabilized and stored in Protection Reagent, if desired, and then processed.

*** Protection Reagent is required for mechanical lysis of tough-to-lyse samples.  For enzymatic lysis of bacteria and yeast, Protection Reagent is not required

+ For users interested in using the Proteinase K Protocol for saliva samples, Monarch DNA/RNA Protection Reagent and Proteinase K are also required.