FAQ: What is the activity of Thermolabile USER II Enzyme in other buffers?

Thermolabile USER II Enzyme is 100% active in a variety of buffers, including CutSmart Buffer (NEB #B7204), NEBuffer 1.1 (NEB #B7201), T4 DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer (NEB #B0202) and TE Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.0, 0.1 mM EDTA). Activity in NEBuffers is as follows:

NEBuffer 1.1 2.1 3.1 CutSmart®
% Activity 100 100 100 100

Additionally, Thermolabile USER II Enzyme is 100% active in many polymerase and PCR buffers (see chart below).
Buffer Activity (Relative to T4 DNA Ligase Buffer)
Thermopol Reaction Buffer (NEB #B9004) 100%
Q5® Reaction Buffer (NEB #B9027) 100%
Phusion® HF Buffer (NEB #B0518) 100%
PCR Buffer (Roche) 100%
GoTaq® Buffer (Promega®) 100%
PCR Buffer (Qiagen®) 100%
Pfu Turbo Cx Buffer (Agilent Technologies) 100%
AmpliTaq Gold® 360 Buffer (ThermoFisher®) 100%
Fast Start™ Taq DNA Pol PCR Buffer (Sigma Aldrich) 100%
PCR Buffer (Applied Biosystems) 100%
PCR Buffer (Enzymatics) 100%

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