FAQ: Can the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit be used to purify RNA from drosophila?

Yes. For insects, we recommend mechanical lysis and homogenization in Monarch RNA Lysis Buffer (NEB #T2012), followed by RNA Binding and Elution as described below.
RNA Purification from Drosophila:

  1. Transfer drosophila (up to 10 mg) into a tube containing beads for homogenization and add 800 µl Monarch RNA Lysis Buffer.
  2. Disrupt sample mechanically using a bead homogenizer.
  3. Transfer lysate/homogenate to an RNase-free microfuge tube.
  4. Spin for 2 min (16,000 x g) to pellet debris.  Transfer supernatant to an RNase-free microfuge tube.
  5. Proceed to Step 1 of Part 2: RNA Binding and Elution in the Product Manual.