FAQ: Nt.CviPII is used in the NicE-Seq protocol described in the publication (Ponnaluri V.K.C. et al. (2017) Genome Biol. 18: 122). Is there any difference in the published protocol which used an older preparation of Nt.CviPII versus the current lot?

The previous publication recommends using of 0.5 µl of Nt.CviPII at 5,000 U/ml. We recommend you use 0.5 µl of Nt.CviPII at the new formulation of 2,000 U/ml for equivalent performance. DO NOT use 2.5 units of the current lot. Using more enzyme than required will cause too much nicking of your DNA and may result in poor library quality. Please refer to this protocol.


(Ponnaluri V.K.C. et al. (2017) Genome Biol. 18: 122)

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