FAQ: What is the activity of Nuclease P1 in other buffers?

Nuclease P1 is active over a wide range of pH values (optimally between pH 4.0-7.0). Additionally, since Nuclease P1 requires ZnCl2, reaction buffer should be free of significant amounts (< 5 mM) of chelating agents (i.e., EDTA). When using Nuclease P1, enough ZnCl2, is present in the storage buffer (5 mM) such that additional ZnCl2 does not need to be added to the reaction.

NEBuffer 1.1 2.1 3.1 CutSmart®
% Activity 100 50 25 50

Activity in other buffers:
Buffer % Activity
Nucleoside Digestion Mix Buffer 100%
Std Taq Buffer 50%
Thermopol Buffer 25%
Q5 Buffer 50%
DNase I Buffer 75%
Endo III Buffer 75%
Exo I Buffer 25%
Exo VII Buffer 0%
Lambda Exo Buffer 0%
Micrococcal Nuclease Buffer 25%
Mung Bean Nuclease Buffer 50%