FAQ: What is the lowest volume in which I can elute my RNA with the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit (NEB #T2010)?

For maximal recovery, we recommend eluting RNA with 50-100 µl of nuclease-free water in order to completely wet the membrane. However, elution in 30 µl provides >80% recovery. You can also elute with a lower volume for a more concentrated RNA sample, but recovery will decrease.  If using less than 50 µl for elution, it is important to pipet the nuclease-free water directly to the center of the membrane during the elution.


Percent Recovery as a Function of Elution Volume for the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit (NEB #T2010)

Total RNA (2 µg, 16S and 23S Ribosomal Standard from E. coli, Sigma) was loaded onto a Monarch RNA Purification Column (NEB #T2007) following the Reaction Cleanup Protocol with optional DNase I treatment for the Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit (NEB #T2010). Elutions using the volumes listed were performed on triplicate preps and percent recovery was calculated using concentration values measured on a Nanondrop spectrophotometer and conversion to a percentage of the input amount.