FAQ: What is the difference between α1-2,3 Mannosidase, α1-6 Mannosidase and α1-2,3,6 Mannosidase? 

A: α1-2,3 Mannosidase (NEB #P0729) and α1-6 Mannosidase (NEB #P0727) are cloned from Xanthomonas manihotis, and α1-2,3,6 Mannosidase (NEB #P0768) is cloned from Canavalia ensiformis (jack bean).  α1-2,3 Mannosidase cleaves only α1-2 and α1-3 linked mannose residues, and α1-6 Mannosidase cleaves only α1-6 linked mannose residues.  Whereas, α1-2,3,6 Mannosidase (JBM) cleaves all three α1-2, α1-3 and α1-6 linked mannose residues.