FAQ: What is the difference between β1-4Galactosidase, β1-4Galactosidase S and β1-3,4Galactosidase? 

β1-4 Galactosidase (NEB# P0730 ) is cloned from Bacteroides fragilis; β1-4 Galactosidase S (NEB# P0745 ) is cloned from Streptococcus pneumonia, and β1-3,4 Galactosidase (NEB# P0746 ) is cloned from bovine testis.  β1-4 Galactosidase and β1-4 Galactosidase S cleave only β1-4 linked galactose residues.  Whereas, β1-3,4 Galactosidase (BTG) cleaves both β1-3 and β1-4 linked galactose residue.