FAQ: Can I use dUTP and UDG for carryover contamination prevention with the WarmStart LAMP Master Mix?

Yes, the WarmStart LAMP Master Mix is compatible with dUTP/UDG carryover prevention. No dUTP is contained in the mix, but 700 μM dUTP (NEB #N0459) can be spiked into the mix without significant effects on LAMP performance. Note that it is important to use Antarctic Thermolabile UDG (NEB #M0372), as the isothermal temperature (65 °C) of the LAMP reaction is insufficient to inactivate E. coli UDG and use of the E. coli form can result in inhibition of LAMP. Simply add 0.02 U/μL Antarctic Thermolabile UDG and set up reactions at room temperature to destroy contaminating LAMP products.