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  • FAQ: Does NEB sell any isothermal amplification kits?

    Yes. NEB offers a kit for helicase-dependent amplification (HDA, a BioHelix® technology), a diagnostic isothermal amplification method (NEB #H0110). We also offer a kit for whole-genome amplification from low amounts of input DNA, the Single Cell WGA Kit (NEB #E2620).

    For other isothermal amplification reactions, we do not offer kits, but the necessary reagents can be purchased alongside the desired enzymes, typically dNTP (NEB #N0447) and MgSO4 (NEB #B1003S) solutions. For LAMP and other single-enzyme reactions, polymerase (Bst 3.0, Bst 2.0 WarmStart, or Bst) and buffer supplemented with dNTP and MgSO4 is sufficient. For nicking-based multi-enzyme applications (e.g., strand-displacement amplification (SDA)), polymerase, dNTP and MgSO4 should be used in addition to a nicking enzyme (e.g., Nt.BstNBI, NEB #R0607) or a restriction enzyme (e.g. BsoBI, NEB #R0586) and thiophosphate nucleoside analog (not available from NEB).