FAQ: What is a good endoglycosidase substrate?

For PNGaseF and Protein Deglycosylation Mix we suggest Fetuin (NEB #P6042, supplied with the Protein Deglycosylation Mix). For PNGaseF, Endo H, and Endo Hf, we suggest RNase B (NEB #P7817). For Endo D we suggest Phospholipase A from bee venom. For Endo S we suggest mouse monoclonal IgG (NEB #E8032). For O-glycosidase we suggest p-Nitrophenyl galacto-N-bioside (Galβ1-3GalNAcα1pNP, or Core1-pNP). Alternatively, fetuin can be digested with neuraminidase, and neuraminidase plus O-glycosidase. The changes in molecular weight after glycan removal can be observed by SDS-PAGE.