FAQ: Which SHuffle strains are resistant to chloramphenicol? Is chloramphenicol required for maintenance of the mini F plasmid?

Only SHuffle® T7 Express lysY Competent E. coli (NEB #C3030) are resistant to Cam. The Cam resistance is due to the miniF which carries the lysY gene. SHuffle® T7 Express Competent E. coli (NEB #C3029) is sensitive to Cam.

It is not necessary to add Cam to propagate the miniF. We do not recommend adding Cam to cultures of SHuffle® T7 lysY Competent E. coli (NEB #C3027) or SHuffle® T7 Express lysY Competent E. coli (NEB #C3030). There is one copy of the Cam resistance gene on the miniF therefore standard concentrations of Cam (33 micrograms per ml) cannot be used. If chloramphenicol is added, use only 10ug/mL