FAQ: Is the 50ug of Endoproteinase GluC all in one vial or it is divided into several smaller portions into several vials? How can it be kept stable since we probably won’t be able to use it all in a short period of time.

Endoproteinase GluC is supplied in one 50ug vial. To get the most use out the enzyme, we make the following recommendation: Add 500 ul H2O to the lyophilized Endoproteinase GluC and aliquot 50 ul in 10 tubes. Freeze the tubes that aren't being used immediately. We freeze Endoproteinase GluC stocks at -80°C for long term storage. The smaller the reconstitution volume, the higher chance of autolysis, so any sample reconstituted in a small volume should be used immediately. Repeated freeze/thawing is not recommended.