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"We recently switched to NEB for our spin column kits, and I […] I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with the thoughtfulness of the packaging—how the protocol is stored, the tiny bags that the columns are in, and the quality of the box itself, which we will keep to store items after we finish the kit. We also like that you can customize the elution volume…Our laboratory is a big fan of NEB, from basic enzymes and reagents to library prep kits, and now including your spin column kits! We just wanted to […] thank you for your environmental efforts, as we all know biomedical research generates a lot of plastic waste. Cheers to your team for doing your part and designing a great product!"
Jaclyn, George Washington University


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Monarch Plasmid Miniprep Kit

“Quality and quantity was OUTSTANDING
– Researcher, Case Western Reserve University


Less buffer retention as advertised! The indicator system prevents under and over-mixing for lysis and neutralization step, minimizing genomic DNA fragmentation.”
– Researcher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


“I like the clear instructions and streamlined, small footprint packaging.
– Researcher, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute


It was great for teaching. My students knew when the solutions were mixed properly. They liked the color changes.”
– Professor, Ripon College


Simple to use, good quantity and quality of purified DNA.
– Principal Investigator, London, UK


“We have been using Qiagen for a very long time but when compared to the Monarch kit, we were surprised at how much more product we were able to collect. Great kits, easy to use protocols!! A+
– Researcher, Yale University

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Monarch DNA Cleanup Kits (Gel Extraction and PCR Cleanup)

“It is simply perfect!
– Researcher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


I loved the Monarch Kit. It is way better than the Qiagen due to the position and size of the filter in the columns.”
– Researcher, University of California, San Francisco


“In comparison, the yield of DNA I'm getting from the Monarch kit is 5 to 10 times greater than with the Qiagen. Also, the quality of DNA is also better (based on Nanodrop absorbance curve). Finally, the Monarch kit is easier to use.
– Researcher, Yale University


“The Monarch kit was easy to use, the clever column design prevented EtOH carryover and allowed elution in a smaller volume. The increased DNA concentration is a real benefit for the multi-fragment ligations our lab routinely performs. Overall a great kit at a competitive price.
– Research Scientist, OR Health and Science University


“I have been struggling to isolate enough product from the MinElute PCR cleanup and gel extraction kit for my PCR cloning project to be successful. We tried the Monarch PCR cleanup kit as a last-ditch effort and our ligation reaction was successful on the first try!
– Assistant Specialist, University of California Irvine


“Elutions in small volume worked great, and allowed us to clone the fragment with no additional manipulations!”
– Assistant Professor, Haverford College


I can elute my DNA in a volume as small as 6 μl. I didn't have a lot of starting material to begin with so this helped concentrate my DNA too. I also ran a sample of my DNA after the clean-up for good measure and it was very clean!”
– Researcher, University of Massachusetts Medical School


“I often purify small amounts of inserts for ligations, so I appreciate the ability to elute in small volumes. I also very much appreciate the reduction of paper and plastic waste.
– Research Associate, Indiana University

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Monarch RNA Purification Kits

Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit

Sample Type: Yeast (fresh mycelium) (compared to: Qiagen RNeasy Mini Kit)
Better yield and quality; easy protocol and good and consistent results among samples.”
– Gisele, Research Associate, Mississippi State University


Sample Type: Gram Positive Bacteria (compared to: Qiagen RNeasy Mini)
“I've been using the RNeasy kit for some time, but I've been unable to have much luck. It seems geared toward eukaryotes and I've been working with Gram Positive prokaryotes… I tried the NEB [Total] RNA Miniprep Kit and it was much more straightforward. I also got excellent results the first time I used it.”
– Kyle, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of CA, Berkeley


Sample Type: CD34 Cells
“I repeated the RNA extraction using [NEB’s Monarch Total RNA Miniprep Kit]. The quality of RNAs were checked using Tape Station. And all four samples had RIN between 8.3 to 9.3, so they are all good…Your RNA extraction kit is easy to use and saves time.
– Researcher, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Sample Type: Oat Protoplast Cells (compared to Qiagen RNeasy Plant Mini Kit)
“I compared the yield of RNA extracted and the purity of the RNA based on spectrometer (Nanodrop). When I compared to my usual RNeasy kit from Qiagen to the Monarch sample, I obtain 5 times more RNA from my sample as well as higher purity of my sample with the Monarch RNA mini-prep.”
– Researcher, Iowa State University


Sample Type: Mouse Heart (compared to: Thermo Fisher Scientific GeneJet RNA Isolation Kit)
"I liked the consistency, ease of use, and the fact that everything you need (e.g. DNase, Proteinase K) comes in the kit. Both the concentration and quality of the isolated RNA from the Monarch Kit were slightly better than the GeneJet kit. The bigger difference was in the consistency of the RNA isolations between samples--it was much better with the Monarch Kit."
– Natalie, PhD. Student, Winnipeg, CA


RNA Cleanup

"Very quick and easy. Allowed me to acquire high-quality RNA very quickly."
– Researcher, University of Kansas


"Easy to use and fast purification. Exponentially better than precipitation methods with great recovery."
– Researcher, Oregon Health and Sciences University

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Monarch Genomic DNA Purification

“This kit yielded the highest purity DNA I have ever seen from a commercial spin column kit.”
– Stephen, Professor, Lake Superior State University


Sample type: Leishmania donovani parasites
"Easy to use, great yields
, less plastic and packaging, competitive pricing. As with other Monarch kits, the design of the filter (no bezel) prevents ethanol retention, which can be an annoying problem with other kits. We've switched to NEB Monarch kits for all of our DNA purifications - Gel/PCR cleanup, minipreps, and now genomic DNA. Excellent products!"
– Researcher, OR Health and Sciences University


Sample type: Bacteria
"It was easy to use and produce good quality, long DNA"
– Researcher, University of Strathclyde


 Sample type: cultured cells
"Fast and easy to use, can get both genome DNA and viral DNA from virus infected cells"
– Researcher, Yale University


 Sample type: Cannabis
"Lysis buffer seems to be able to handle most types of samples. Much lower Cq level in qPCR (20 vs 25) and a faster method."
– Anonymous



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