Find Products for Nanopore Sequencing

Leveraging NEB’s expertise in enzyme and extraction technologies, we offer a unique selection of products that are convenient, easy-to-use, and provide improved performance for sample preparation upstream of nanopore sequencing; these solutions have been optimized for and tailored to this application.


Extract high-quality, intact DNA quickly and easily with Monarch Kits

NEB offers two approaches for best-in-class genomic DNA extraction. Our standard Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit is a silica spin column-based approach enabling isolation of highly pure and highly-intact genomic DNA from various sample types, with peak DNA sizes >50 kb. Our Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits use a novel glass bead-based approach to isolate high molecular weight DNA (HMW DNA) from various samples with industry-leading speed and purity. Both methods can extract high-quality input DNA for use in Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing and other long-read applications, but the latter enables isolation of DNA from 50 kb up to several megabases in size for techniques that benefit from ultra-high molecular weight DNA (UHMW DNA).

Monarch Genomic DNA Purification Kit (NEB #T3010)

  • Isolate genomic DNA with peak fragment size >50 kb
  • Highly intact DNA with industry-leading yields and purity
  • Validated on numerous sample types

Data  See performance data and learn more 

Check out this comprehensive guide to measuring and analyzing nucleic acids after purification

app note  Technical Note: A Practical Guide to Analyzing Nucleic Acid Concentration and Purity with Microvolume Spectrophotometers 



Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits (for Cell & Blood: NEB #T3050, for Tissue and Other Samples: NEB #T3060)

  • Fast and user friendly workflows that get you from sample to sequencing in the same day
  • Quicker workflows enable efficient troubleshooting of downstream sequencing when needed
  • Ultra high molecular weight DNA (UHMW DNA) can be obtained from cells, blood, soft organ tissues and bacteria
  • DNA fragment size is tunable based on agitation during lysis, enabling flexibility and optimization for sequencing needs
  • Purified DNA is easy to dissolve and usually ready for sequencing shortly after extraction

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Check out our publication in Biotechniques, outlining a simple approach to accurate quantitation of UHMW DNA:


A simple approach for effective shearing and reliable concentration measurement of ultra high molecular weight DNA

Learn how the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits significantly reduced workflow time for phage DNA extraction through DNA isolation for Cas9 targeted nanopore sequencing applications:

app note  Technical Note: A faster workflow for the assessment of genomic loci in mice using a novel HMW DNA extraction technology upstream of Cas9 targeted sequencing
app note
Technical Note: Fast & efficient isolation of phage genomic DNA using the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits

Other resources:

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Maximize convenience of library prep with the NEBNext Companion Module

The NEBNext DNA repair, end repair and ligation reagents recommended in ligation library preparation are now available in the same product, the NEBNext Companion Module for Oxford Nanopore Technologies® Ligation Sequencing (NEB #E7180), at volumes designed for use in several protocols alongside Oxford Nanopore Technologies SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110. 

  • Component volumes tailored for use with many SQK-LSK109 and SQK-LSK110 workflows
  • Simplified ordering and inventory management
  • Compatible with all devices: MinION®, GridION®, PromethION™, Flongle®
  • No more waste – no unnecessary buffers or excess

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Convenient reagent kits for automated, high-throughput Multiplex Ligation sequencing

These kits contain appropriate reagent volumes for automated high-throughput Multiplex Ligation (MLK) library preparation on the Hamilton NGS Star. Please contact us for more information.



NEBNext® High Input Poly(A) mRNA Isolation Module

The NEBNext High-Input Poly(A) mRNA Magnetic Isolation Module is designed to isolate intact poly(A)+ RNA from high inputs (5-50 µg per 0.2 ml reaction) of previously isolated total RNA, using oligo d(T)25-coupled paramagnetic beads. Intact mRNA can be obtained in approximately one hour, and eluted in small volumes.

  • High inputs: 5 – 50 µg total RNA (DNA-free)
  • Low elution volume
  • Fast workflow
  • Automation-compatible

 E3370 package


ARTIC kits for SARS-CoV-2 sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform

The NEBNext ARTIC kits were developed based on the original work of the ARTIC Network(1) on their multiplexed amplicon-based whole- viral-genome sequencing approach. The kits include primers and reagents for cDNA synthesis and targeted amplification from SARS- CoV-2 gRNA as well as downstream library preparation. The balanced ARTIC V3 primers and optimized reagents for RT-PCR deliver improved uniformity of amplicon yields from gRNA across a wide copy number range. The NEBNext ARTIC SARS-CoV-2 Companion Kit (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) (NEB #E7660) is used alongside kits from ONT to generate libraries with inserts in the 400 bp range. These can be sequenced on any ONT instrument, in 2–24 hour run times.

  • Includes two primer options: VarSkip Short, for improved variant coverage, and ARTIC V3
  • Express protocol option available, with reduced cleanup steps
  • Improved uniformity of SARS-CoV-2 genome coverage, with balanced primer pools
  • Streamlined, high-efficiency protocol
  • Effective with a wide range of viral genome inputs (10-10,000 copies)
  • For a bulk format of the kit (2,304 reactions) please contact us

Learn more about the ARTIC network and their efforts to understand the genomics of viral outbreaks:
Podcast  Interview with Joshua Quick, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, University of Birmingham

Other resources:

webinar Webinar: Improving Genome Coverage in SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing (Brad Langhorst and Kalyinnette Pinet, New England Biolabs)
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1. Josh Quick 2020. nCoV-2019 sequencing protocol v2 (GunIt),

LamPORE Assay for COVID-19 support

The WarmStart® LAMP Kit (DNA & RNA) (NEB #E1700) has been incorporated into Oxford Nanopore’s LamPORE technology, a combination of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) with nanopore sequencing, implemented to provide a rapid, low-cost and scalable assay for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. The WarmStart LAMP Kit (DNA & RNA) offers the following benefits:

  • A simple, one-step solution for LAMP of DNA or RNA (RT- LAMP) targets
  • Compatible with multiple detection methods including fluorescence or turbidity
  • WarmStart technology inhibits activity at room temperature

preprint Preprint: LamPORE: rapid, accurate and highly scalable molecular screening for SARS-CoV-2 infection, based on nanopore sequencing
feature article Feature article: Using aptamers to control enzyme activities: Hot Start Taq and beyond

Additional products to support nanopore sequencing

The following are some examples of other NEB reagents that are commonly used in nanopore sequencing wokflows:






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