FAQ: What sequencing primers do you recommend for pTXB1 and pTYB21 vectors?

For sequencing a gene cloned into the C-terminal fusion vector pTXB1, we recommend using the T7 Universal Primer (5´-TAA TAC GAC TCA CTA TAG GG-3´) which is complementary to the T7 promoter and yields a sequence in the direction of transcription. This primer, along with the Mxe Intein Reverse II primer, (5'-GAT TGC CAT GCC GGT CAA GG-3’) or the Mxe Intein Reverse primer, (5’-GGC ACG ATG TCG GCG ATG-3’) can be used to sequence your insert. The Mxe Intein Reverse II primer anneals ~110 bp from the 5' end of the Mxe intein. The Mxe Intein Reverse primer anneals ~50 bp downstream of the 5’ end of the gene .