FAQ: Can Taq DNA Polymerase be used in other buffers?

NEB's Taq DNA Polymerase is available for purchase with several different reaction buffers.  The enzyme retains 100% activity when used with ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer (NEB# M0267), Standard Taq Reaction Buffer (NEB# M0273), or any commonly supplied Taq DNA Polymerase buffer which uses MgCl2 and lacks some of the salts and detergents present in ThermoPol.  ThermoPol produces superior results in certain primer extension applications, but users can feel confident that NEB Taq DNA Polymerase will work well in competitors' buffers. For the convenience of our customers, we also sell Taq with a magnesium-free version of Standard Taq Reaction Buffer (NEB# M0320), and, to facilitate direct gel-loading, we also sell a Quick-Load® Taq 2X Master Mix (NEB# M0271).