RNA Labeling

Detection of specific nucleic acid sequences can be accomplished by hybridization with a labeled RNA probe. RNA probes are sequences of variable lengths that are used to detect the presence of complementary nucleotide sequences in a sample. These RNA probes can be used for northern and southern blotting analyses, RNase protection assays, and in situ hybridization analyses. Probes can be generated by in vitro transcription, in which T7, T3 or SP6 RNA Polymerase is used to incorporate radioactive nucleotides or labeled modified nucleotides into the synthetic RNA, which can then be detected using radioactivity, fluorescence or chemiluminescence.

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Protocols for RNA Labeling
RNA Polymerase Selection Chart
NEB offers RNA polymerases that can be used for in vitro synthesis of RNA for a wide variety of downstream applications. Additional polymerases are offered for the generation of untemplated homoribopolymeric tails for reverse transcription or labeling.
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