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Luna® Probe One-Step RT-qPCR 4X Mix with UDG

The Luna Probe One-Step RT-qPCR 4X Mix with UDG enables sensitive detection of target RNA sequences with robust performance in multiplex applications of up to 5 targets. This product is also offered in a No ROX formulation for instruments that do not require the ROX passive reference dye and in a lyophilized format for streamlined assay development.

  • Simplify your reaction setup with a single-tube master mix format 
  • Increase sensitivity of your RT-qPCR, as 4X concentration allows for more sample input
  • Maximize your throughput by multiplexing up to 5 targets
  • Luna WarmStart® RT paired with Hot Start Taq increases reaction specificity and robustness, enabling room temperature setup
  • Reduce risk of carryover contamination with thermolabile UDG and dUTP included in the mix
  • Eliminate pipetting errors with non-interfering, visible blue tracking dye 
  • Learn how NEB is supporting COVID-19 research with a variety of RT-qPCR virus detection options 
Catalog # Concentration Size List Price Your Price Quantity
M3019S 4 X 200 reactions $310.00
M3019L 4 X 500 reactions $698.00
M3019X 4 X 1,000 reactions $1,241.00
M3019E 4 X 2,000 reactions $2,190.00
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